In their simplest form, a Binary Options trade will see you simply having to decide whether a commodity for example is going to increase in value over any given time period or will decrease in value over the same time period.

However, there are now many additional Binary options trades that you are going to be able to place, and as a trader you will need to fully understand how each of those types of trades are structured, as several of them will be of interest to you based on what it is you are thinking of basing your trades around.

You will find that all of our featured and top rated Brokers are always going to give you a large and very diverse range of different trading options and trade types and as such by signing up and becoming a trader at one of those Broker you are always going to have the maximum number, variety and types of trades available to you.

Questions and Answers

In an attempt to allow you to get a fully and deep understanding of the many different types of Binary options trade that you can place at any of our licensed and regulated Brokers below you will find a range of different questions and answers regarding the types of trades you can place.

Please do read through this guide in its entirety as there may come a time when one of the more unique types of Binary Options trades available will be the ideal one for you to place.

Fast Expiry Trades

Some trading opportunities you will have access to online or via any of our featured Broker mobile trading platforms are going to have some very short expiry times, and as such these types of trades will appeal to you if you want to place rapid fire trades where you will soon know whether you have made a profit or not.

Long Term Expiry Trades

You will also find that you can place some very long term Binary Options trades when you sign up to any of our top rated and fully licensed and regulated Binary Options Brokers. In fact when you log into any of those brokers trading platforms you will find in the trading menu a range of different trade son offer and alongside each of them you will find the length of time it will take for those trades to expire. You will therefore always be in full control in regards to the type of trade you can place and also the length of time it will take for any chosen trades to expire.

60 Second Trades

If you see a trading opportunity that is listed as a 60 second trade then as the name does suggest you are going to find the expiry time of those particular trades will be 60 seconds after you have placed them. These types of trades are suitable for traders looking to place as many trades as they can in the shortest space of time.

One Touch Trades

Another popular type of Binary options trade that you may be interested in placing are those known as one touch trades. When you place this type of trade as soon as the value of the asset you have based the trade on reaches the required price then the trade closes and you have own that trade.

Risk Free Trades

You will also find plenty of Binary options Brokers are going to shower you with additional little extras to reward your loyalty and one of the ways they can do that is by giving you a risk free trade. If you are offered such a trading opportunity then you need to place a trade with your own case funds and if that trade is a losing one you will receive your investment on that trade back either as cash funds or as bonus credits so they are very minimal risk trades which should appeal to most traders.

Forex Related Trades

It is always worth knowing that you are also going to be able to place trades on the value of currencies. You can pair up any two currencies of the world in the hope the one you select will end up at the end of the expiry time increasing in value against the second currency in your pairing.

Demo Trades

If you are still new to the world of Binary Options trading then all of our featured Brokers are going to allow you to open up something known as a demo trading account. When you open such an account you will be given often an unlimited supply of demo credits which you can then place on real live trading opportunities, however being demo credits you will not be able to win real money funds with those credits. However, by using a demo trading account it will allow you to get a feel for the way a trading platform works and operates whilst also gaining valuable real life trading experience when using your demo credits.

Early Exit Trades

One type of Binary option trade that you should and do need to be fully aware of are early exit trades. Now when you place any type of trade those trades will always have a built in expiry time. However, when you make use of a trade which give you the option of taking an early exit then by taking that early exit you can close a trade down as soon as it is in profit. However, there is usually a fee to be paid for closing an exit early and that fee will be a small percentage of the profit you could have made had you left the trade to expire at the usual time. However, these types of early exit trades are certainly worth taking if you are every worried a potential profit may end up to be a losing trade if you leave it to expire at the standard time frame.